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MBA Link is an experienced and trusted MBA admissions consulting firm in Singapore, working with applicants across Asia and around the world.

We help clients get accepted to Harvard, Stanford, INSEAD and other top business schools, and have a 100% admissions success rate when applying to four schools or more.

MBA Link clients have been accepted to the best business schools in the world

MBA Link consulting gives you a proven competitive advantage

MBA Link consulting grants you access to expert guidance and mentorship at every step of the admissions process. As admissions to top ranked business school programs become increasingly competitive, investing in experienced coaches who give you personalised guidance not only increases your chances of admission, but also accelerates your path to your ultimate career goals.
Identify the right MBA programs that are aligned with your life and career aspirations.
Get deep insight from former MBA graduates and admissions director to tell your unique story with clarity
Refine your resume and interview skills to distinguish yourself amongst the pool of applicants.
Broaden your target MBA school options through with a higher GMAT score, through 1-on-1 coaching

Build a coherent application package without getting lost in the process

Big ambitions can leverage experienced admissions insights for success

Many MBA Candidates struggle in identifying the right programs and schools that best fit their short and long-term career goals. Our expert coaches know the global MBA landscape and give you the tools to select the right schools and programs. Whether it's the M7, T15 or other top Global MBA schools, we'll help you find the right match.

Additionally, the MBA application process is time-consuming and requires exceptional time management skills to complete all components on time and with high quality. We'll accompany you on the MBA application journey, guiding you through application timing, essay content, interview preperation and resume development, so that your MBA application package is competitive and compelling.

Build the foundation of your MBA application using our unique F.A.M.E. Analysis

Our MBA admissions process is designed to yield the best possible results in the most efficient way. Our unique approach, F.A.M.E., involves psychometric testing, writing exercises, and thought-provoking discussion sessions that tease out the most critical aspects of your experiences for use in essays and interviews.

MBA Admissions done right

Generic, underprepared MBA applications risk your chances of MBA admission to your target schools. Our seasoned team of MBA consultants help you create memorable and distinctive content so that your MBA applications get noticed, strategically increasing your chances of success.