MBA Admissions Strategies Built To Help You Succeed

We know that the MBA admissions process can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming.

Our coaches will work with you to create a holistic narrative academically, professionally and personally, by helping you clarify your admissions and career goals.

We will help you be confident in your unique story and ability to communicate it in a compelling way to the MBA admissions committee. It's what we do best.

Improve your chances significantly with expert coaching

Working with us, we'll set you up with a stellar team of MBA admissions consultants, who are not only MBA alumni from the world's top MBA programs, but also experts in the areas of the MBA admissions process they coach. The MBA Link team takes a customized approach for each applicant in order to understand what makes each client unique. Then, we'll help you strategically highlight your strengths, and manage any areas of perceived weakness – leaving nothing to chance.

It’s Typically The #1 Overlooked Factor In The MBA Admissions Process – Finding Your Cultural Fit.

Every MBA Program has its own culture, and it's a central factor in the MBA admissions process as they look for the best candidates to enroll. Schools want to admit people that want to be there, and that will contribute both as students and future alumni. Therefore, it's important for MBA applicants to align their goals with the program's offerings, and to show how they're going to enhance the community that they're aiming to become a part of, which is why part of finding cultural fit will come from MBA candidates recognizing why they would be a good fit for a particular school's program, but it’s also through what they have to offer to that community.

Leveraging A Holistic Review Process & What It Really Means

MBA Admissions Committees consider many different application components when making their decisions, and there is no "magic formula". They evaluate an MBA candidate's quantitative abilities, including academic performance, GMAT/GRE test scores and any other applicable credentials. They also want to understand an MBA applicant's qualitative attributes as well, including their professional performance, leadership potential, personal background and interpersonal skills. Our team understands this, and knows how to help clients present a well-balanced MBA application that truly stands out.
“It is astounding how much the MBA Link consultants know about each MBA program. Best career investment I've made, outside of my MBA itself."
– Tao, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

The Admissions Process Requires Significant Time & Effort – Which Many Applicants Underestimate

The Importance Of Understanding Your Personal Motivations & Decision To Pursue An MBA

There's a lot of strategic thinking involved before beginning an MBA application in order to clarify your goals and motivation for attending business school. This can be a little overwhelming for many MBA candidates, which is why we offer a structured way for you to do this, as well as practical ways to make it manageable. Specifically, an expert Admissions Director will serve as your "project manager", and guide you through setting timelines and targets (and help you adhere to them). The rest of your MBA coaching team will also be your partner and help take a lot of the guesswork out of an intense process.
Promoting Your Personal Experiences
Reflecting on your personal and professional background is one of the primary ways that you can talk about how you'll add value to your future MBA classmates. It is one of the ways you can showcase who you are and the diverse perspective you'll bring to the classroom and larger community. This is exactly what MBA Admissions Committees are interested in learning about through the MBA application process.
It Goes Far Beyond Your MBA
It’s not often in life we have the chance to think critically and take so much feedback on what makes us unique, powerful and what kind of organizations are a good fit for us. All of this information becomes extensively useful, not just for getting into your MBA school but for selecting career paths after school. It also helps you develop as a professional from a place of introspection and awareness rather than just floating along with no clear sense of direction or purpose.

Our MBA Consulting Team Is Ready When You Are

Big life decisions such as pursuing an MBA are infinitely better and less stressful when you have the right guidance, resources and people to create the confidence you need to fulfill potential.

Our 5-Dimensional Coaching Process

Getting an offer from the world's most selective MBA schools isn’t easy. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Using our industry-unique 5-Dimensional Coaching Process, five different coaches will employ their rich experience and effective coaching techniques to prepare you along the key dimensions of your MBA admission success.
Your project manager, confidante and guide throughout your engagement, from your official launch session through to your acceptance. As former Admissions Deans at highly selective business schools, they have valuable insight into the MBA application process and how MBA admissions committees function across the board.
These are Executive Coaches who specialize in Leadership Development. They lead you through a uniquely designed self-discovery process centered around four themes: Fit, Abilities, Motivations & Experiences. This lays the groundwork for the rest of your engagement with us at MBA Link, and positions you to craft a compelling MBA application.
Our MBA Resume Coaches have been on both sides of the fence, as MBA candidates seeking admission into business schools, and then later as managers hiring MBAs for jobs. Your Resume Coach will help you present an MBA-ready resume that highlights your accomplishments and ability for continued professional success.
Essay Coaches are alumni from top MBA programs that have a passion for writing, and years of experience teaching MBA applicants how to write compelling essays. They will help you craft your narrative throughout your MBA admissions process, as well as effectively communicate your value proposition to those who make the final decision on your acceptance.
Interview Coaches have extensive experience interviewing MBA applicants and helping them prepare for a variety of formats (i.e.: traditional one-on-one, group interview, video, etc.). We try to match you up with an Interview Coach who attended the school you are targeting, or who otherwise has insight into that school's interview process for MBA applications.

Working With Us Can Make Sense On Multiple Levels

The MBA application process can be emotionally draining for many MBA candidates. Working with an MBA admissions consultant gives you a trusted partner throughout this process that you can rely on in a way that you might not able to with friends, family or colleagues. We’re here every step of the way to help see you through it.
We are proud to have a 100% success rate with clients applying to least four schools.
We’ve helped applicants with every possible disadvantage you can possibly think of.
We have admitted candidates to every highly ranked MBA program in the world.
The skills you learn aren’t just for your MBA, they’ll help you throughout your career.
“After my first consultation with MBA Link, I was sure I was going to the school I had aspired to attend.”
- Jason, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business