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We're excited to see your interest in pursuing an MBA at a top business school!

Our initial free consultation is structured to give you a valuable baseline level of feedback and review of your MBA admission plans. It also gives you the chance to learn about our approach at MBA Link and how we can help you, using our vast experience which has helped candidates gain admission to Harvard, Stanford, INSEAD and many more of the best schools around the world.

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Free Consultation FAQs

How long is the free consultation and why is it necessary?

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Consultations last for an hour. They provide an opportunity to get initial feedback on your candidacy, as well as to learn about our coaching process.

It will give you a good idea of what it'll be like to work with us.

If I book a free consultation, am I obligated to sign up to anything?

The free consultation is an opportunity for you to gather information, and for us to get to know one another. There is no obligation to engage in our paid services. We will only move ahead once you decide on the best path forward for you.

I’ve had other MBA admissions consultations before, how will this be different?

Our consultations are highly customized and in-depth. We don't try to sell you on our services, rather, we want to share our thoughts about potential application strategies and how we can help. We believe that applicants ultimately have to decide on the best course of action for themselves, and we want to provide as much information as possible to help them do that.

Who conducts the free consultations?

You'll be speaking with one of our expert Admissions Directors or Senior Coaches, who work directly with clients and manage the coaching teams.

What if I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit – is that ok?

Yes - absolutely. We realise that engaging with an MBA admissions consultant is a big investment, and we want you to feel confident in your decision. Each year, we work with many ambitious people (just like you) from a variety of backgrounds, who have many options to consider. Given that, we want you to have the time you need to make the decision that is best for you.