MBA Admissions Consulting & GMAT preparation for ambitious candidates

The MBA application process is often times stressful, time consuming and complicated. Working with our seasoned coaches can help you refine your strategy and bring clarity, structure and speed to your candidacy.


Experience our unique and proven team-based admissions consulting methodology


Receive expert guidance for MBA test preparation with 1-on-1 GMAT coaching

Our 5-Dimensional Coaching Process

The admissions process can be overwhelming, but our team can help you navigate it with ease. Using a uniquely structured model, a team of designated coaches will employ their rich experience and effective coaching techniques to help you prepare for each component of the MBA application process.
Your project manager and confidante, who will guide you throughout the engagement from your official launch session through to your acceptance. As former Admissions Deans at highly selective business schools, they have valuable insight into the MBA application process and how MBA admissions committees function across the board.
These are Executive Coaches who specialize in Leadership Development. They lead you through a uniquely designed self-discovery process centered around four themes: Fit, Abilities, Motivations & Experiences. This lays the groundwork for the rest of your engagement with us at MBA Link, and positions you to craft a compelling MBA application.
Our MBA Resume Coaches have been on both sides of the fence, as MBA candidates seeking admission into business schools, and then later as managers hiring MBAs for jobs. Your Resume Coach will help you present an MBA-ready resume that highlights your accomplishments and ability for continued professional success.
Essay Coaches are alumni from top MBA programs that have a passion for writing, and years of experience teaching MBA applicants how to write compelling essays. They will help you craft your narrative throughout your MBA admissions process, as well as effectively communicate your value proposition to those who make the final decision on your acceptance.
Interview Coaches have extensive experience interviewing MBA applicants and helping them prepare for a variety of formats (i.e.: traditional one-on-one, group interview, video, etc.). We try to match you up with an Interview Coach who attended the school you are targeting, or who otherwise has insight into that school's interview process for MBA applications.

Using F.A.M.E. For MBA Admissions Success

Our F.A.M.E. coaches use a proprietary analysis tool with clients to discover strengths, identify skills and competency gaps that an MBA will address, and help curate a compelling career narrative that distinguishes you from other candidates.
How are you a cultural FIT to the school that you are applying to?
What unique personal ABILITIES can you leverage for your success?
What is your primary MOTIVATION for pursuing an MBA right now?
Which of your EXPERIENCES are the right ones to showcase in an application?

Navigate Your School Selection, Application Strategies & The Final Review Effectively

Our clients are paired with an Admissions Director who is strategically positioned to help you with your school selection, MBA application strategy and final review.

They make sure everything is running smoothly and manage your interactions with each of our coaches.

You’ll also receive a dedicated F.A.M.E. executive coach to establish your FIT, ABILITY, MOTIVATION and EXPERIENCE, so that your MBA application is seen as a cut above the rest in the eyes of the Admissions Committees.

Finding The Right Fit For Your MBA Program Admission Is Not A Linear Process

Contrary to popular belief, there may be several excellent MBA programs that meet your needs and eventual career goals.

We advise clients to hedge MBA admission risks by applying to multiple schools that meet your school choice criteria.

Our experience suggests that clients who conduct extensive school research, identify several target schools, and apply to each based on authentic, compelling rationale for what each school uniquely offers, increase admission odds to multiple MBA programs far beyond those who don't.

Preparing For The MBA Admissions Interview

The MBA admissions interview is your opportunity to articulate your career journey - past, present, and future aspirations - with confident, honest sincerity and enthusiasm. This is a process we know inside out.
Each school approaches interviews differently. Our tactics and tips help you prepare every step of the way.
Uncover dangers of common contradictions and missteps throughout your interview.
Know what leaves them feeling uneasy or confused, versus what drives confidence.
Gain a competitive advantage using tailored practice sessions with detailed feedback.

Writing Your MBA Application Essay With Confidence, Without Playing The Guessing Game

Getting the essays right is crucial to admittance, especially to elite MBA programs. The essays give the MBA admissions committee a window into your world. Strong essays succinctly, comprehensively, and convincingly state an applicant's case for being admitted. Hoping for the best is simply not a good strategy.

Our F.A.M.E. process walks you through necessary essay content, such as why you believe you are a good fit for a school, why a school should admit you, what value you bring to the classroom, what your motivations are to attend an MBA program and why now, and why your selected school is the appropriate one to catapult you toward your career goals.

Effective GMAT Preparation Techniques taking Scores Above 700 And Beyond

Our test instructors provide dedicated, individual coaching based on your needs. These instructors have teaching experience and insights specifically for MBA program admission tests, help preparing students for MBA admission to the best business schools. By receiving insider insights into the concepts covered in the GMAT exam and how to prep for each of these concepts, you can make sure that the first obstacle you need to overcome before starting your MBA admissions is taken care of, preparing you for your MBA admissions as a whole.

Working With Our Leading MBA Admissions Consultants

We’ve seen MBA applicants who dramatically undersell themselves, as well as those who aren’t being realistic and need to gently be brought back to earth. As an MBA Admissions candidate, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later exactly where you stand in that mix and why.