Helping You Create the Strongest MBA  Application Possible

MBA candidates are not always aware of how competitive the MBA admissions process is, and how best to position themselves for highly selective programs. The valuable insight and expert knowledge that the MBA Link team can provide, could be the difference when trying to secure an offer from your top-choice MBA program.

Comprehensive Coaching Packages For The Application Process

We can help you select and customize a package based on your specific needs and goals. Our roadmap is built around helping you, as an MBA applicant, decide which schools are best for you and your goals, as well as helping you understand how to strategically leverage your strengths to create a compelling narrative by understanding areas that are essential for you to focus on.
Crafting effective resumes that engage and delight.
Narratives that are aligned with your core strengths.
Understand exactly what creates distinction & trust.
Executing consistently across your entire MBA application.

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5 Schools (Recommended)
MBA Applications To 5 Strategically
Selected & Aligned Schools
4 Schools
MBA Applications To 4 Strategically Selected & Aligned Schools
3 Schools
MBA Applications To 3 Strategically Selected & Aligned Schools
2 Schools
MBA Applications To 2 Strategically Selected & Aligned Schools
1 School
MBA Applications To 1 Strategically Selected & Aligned School
MBA Admissions
Consulting (Hourly)
GMAT 1-On-1
Tutoring (Hourly)

Start Working With the Right MBA Admissions Coaching Team

We know that you have you have many options when choosing an admissions consultant. Similar to when you're looking for the right MBA program, it's important to find the right "fit" when selecting an MBA admissions consultant, someone who you are confident will offer you a high level of expertise and first-hand experience, and can trust will have your best interest at heart. Not all MBA consultants in the industry and admissions service providers have the background and ability to do this like the MBA Link team does. That is part of what sets us apart and will give you a competitive edge when you engage with us.

Aiming High & Setting Realistic Expectations

No one has a crystal ball when it comes to predicting MBA admissions decisions. However, our team will be 100% honest about the viability of your MBA school list based on our experience. We will help you be realistic, while also stretching yourself. Either way, the final decisions are always up to you.
Sometimes we have the happy task of telling you to aim much higher than currently you are.
We often find that many MBA application candidates just need an extra confidence booster.
Recognizing the context of your application within the history of the school is vital to your approach.
We’re here to provide you with expert advice, but sometimes that means we’ll follow your lead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many schools should I be applying to and why?

We think the magic number is 5. You can do less, you can do more, but in our opinion 5 is the number that gives you enough chance at different schools while still allowing you to focus in on schools you really want. You don’t have to work on all 5 with us.

Where is MBA Link based and how does the remote coaching team process work?

We are a registered Singapore company but both our consultants and our clients are situated in different places around the world. Operating virtually gives us tremendous flexibility, but if you are based in Singapore do drop by our office to say hello!

Is there a minimum or maximum age for MBA applicants?

There is no strict minimum age, but most programs will want applicants to have a few years of work experience post bachelor’s degree.

Find Out More About Getting Your MBA Admissions In Top Shape

The key to success throughout the MBA admissions process isn't luck – it's preparation and a methodical approach to submitting the strongest application possible. This is where working with experts highly valuable and it's exactly what our team at MBA Link will help you do.